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Become a Client

Welcome to a world of opportunities!

If you are thinking Executive Cultural Tours might be the best answer to your group travel needs but you are not sure of your next steps, please let us help. We have found that choosing a travel management company takes a little time to ensure the fit is right - on both sides.

The first step - Getting acquainted.

Tell us about yourself or your company and your primary goals and objectives regarding group travel. Are you organizing an annual event? Are most of the participants flying from one country or area of the country or are you bringing people in to one location from all over the world? Are your participants busy corporate managers with tight schedules to be accommodated or vacationers with some flexibility to trade for less expensive options. Would your travellers be interested in adding a few vacation days to the trip before or after the main event?

Let’s get started. Click here to contact us.  Please be sure to let us now how you wish us to contact you or who we should be contacting.

The second step - Getting in touch.

Once we hear from you, we will contact you to discuss your travel requirements and how Executive Cultural Tours can use its travel management expertise to help you achieve your goals. Please ask the detailed questions, the hard questions you must have answers to before you make your decision to work with us. We will be asking questions too so that we can determine how to best use our expertise to address your group travel requirements

The third step – Drawing up a blueprint.

Your travel needs are unique and Executive Cultural Tours prides itself on developing customized travel arrangements for each of its clients. We’ll analyze the information we have collected from you and assemble a Team of Excellence, specifically committed to ensuring the success of your movement. Under the direction of Jean Sheikh, the Team will include dedicated senior travel consultants as well as Client Services personnel experienced in various technical aspects of service provision such as website management and database administration.
During this process, we expect to develop a good dialogue and to iron out most of the nitty gritty details. By the time we meet face-to-face, we should be ready to begin a solid working relationship.

We await your first contact.