Tour Packages

Tour Packages

Under the leadership of Jean Sheikh, organizes many informative and interesting tours to a variety of fascinating destinations every year. With Jean's expert guidance, her clients have explored the delightful culture of many countries, both close to home in North America and oceans away, in Russia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and Greece to name only a few.

Jean's tours are full of personal touches, class and culture. Tour prices include transportation, accommodation, guided tours and some meals. Our tour sizes are small; most are limited to 20 - 25 passengers.

Executive Cultural Tours' tours are expertly planned with special itineraries, luxury hotels, fine dining and experienced Tour Managers. Our leisurely pace gives you the opportunity to relax, have fun and really enjoy your trip!

For pricing information or more details on our tours, please feel free to contact us at 613-236-6359 or email Jean Sheikh at
You can also send us the Tour Interest Form.

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