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Special Occasion Groups

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Sometimes you want to be all alone.

Sometimes you want to share the moment with just one special person.

But sometimes an event is just so significant you need your family and friends around to get the most out of the experience.

That's when the ECT Special Occasion group travel experts can help.

Whether it's a fantasy wedding at an exotic location, a family reunion in your new country or the old country or a 50th anniversary or class reunion that will bring people and memories from all over the globe, Executive Cultural Tours is ready to help.

We can satisfy all your travel requirements from air, hotel or car reservations to travel insurance, to entry requirements. Your comfort and your budget are important to us.

Our attention to detail is second to none. You can trust us to reserve tickets, arrange limousines and make sure Aunt Ethel is in an aisle seat. We are dedicated to making the travel arrangements for your special day the very least of your worries.

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or Annette and Romeo's 50th Anniversary Alaska Cruise Information on anniversary travel already booked with ECT can be accessed by selecting one of the celebrating couples below.

Annette and Romeo's 50th Anniversary Alaska Cruise