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What We Do

Executive Cultural Tours offers superior service through our people, our operations system, and our methods of integrating all aspects in response to your organization's objectives. Our long-term clients often cite our ability to remain flexible and to deliver the unexpected level of service when commenting on our strengths. The process of quantifying intangibles, such as service, is extremely difficult.

How do we define "superior service"? It's more than answering the telephone politely or delivering a ticket on time. Exceptional service is the ability to use the tools that are at our disposal, in the most efficient and effective way to meet the needs of our client. As our industry becomes more sophisticated and complex, the ability to maximize these opportunities is one of the key elements that set us apart from the competition. Our clients demand an agency that embraces the technology and changes of the future, to provide true business development programs tailored to each organization.

At Executive Cultural Tours we take pride in our Canadian ownership and the entrepreneurial advantages that wholly owned agencies can provide to the local business communities. Given the percentage of your operating budget that is dedicated to business travel, isn't it nice to know that the agency of choice has the strength and buying power of a large chain combined with the personal touch of a smaller organization?

Executive Cultural Tours and Jean Sheikh have built relationships with their clients that span decades. This type of loyalty only follows after years of excellent service, and from an organization that upholds its commitment to continually developing better ways of handling the travel management process.